Dance Unlimited offers instruction in many styles, at many levels, so there's a dance class for everyone.

Ballet - Fundamental to a complete dance education is the mastery of classical ballet technique. Dance Unlimited teaches the styles and technique of the Russian, French and Italian syllabi. Ballet training includes learning proper placement and weight distribution through barre and center floor work. Ballet is not a required class, however the benefits are numerous including poise, confidence, and self discipline.

Pointe - Dancing on the tips of the toes evolved in the early 19th century as a means of elevating the female dancer above the floor to give her an airborne quality. Special footwear, the pointe shoe, is used by dancers to display their ability to spin and balance on its tiny tip. The study of pointe work is begun only after a student has acquired proper placement and a considerable amount of technical strength on demi-pointe. We recommend students study ballet technique for at least 3 years before beginning pointe work. Pointe students are required to take a minimum of 1.5 hours of ballet technique class in addition to the 1 hour pointe class. A student with continued absences will not be able to continue their pointe work.

Jazz - Jazz is popular dancing that has been stylized and polished to a theatrical brilliance. The class begins with a thorough center floor warmup. Dance combinations are practiced across the floor or center as a short routine. Jazz classes stress correct body placement and conscientious application of technique in addition to rhythm and musicality.

Hip-Hop - Hip-Hop is a form of street dancing popularized in the 1980’s and based on several styles of music including R&B, house, techno and rap. In addition to mixed classes, we also have a boys only hip-hop class and adult classes.

Acrobatics - Acrobatics may be better known as the floor exercise of gymnastics. After complete and thorough barre and center floor warmup the students practice tumbling across the floor one at a time, supported by a mat and spotted by the instructor.

Contemporary - Contemporary, or Modern, breaks away from the rigidity of Classical Ballet and teaches you how to express yourself using a freer style, exploring the use of off-center movements, bending the spine and contractions. Students will be introduced to the classical Limon, Horton and Graham techniques as well the unique professional styles of our instructors.

The class encourages students to find confidence and joy in their own creative and physical potential while challenging them to find greater range of expression through dynamic physicality and specificity. Juicy phrases full of motion, oppositional tension, and weight change follow a simple warmup that emphasizes clean technique and articulation of the body.

Lyrical - Utilizing Ballet technique, this class will give the experienced dancer an opportunity to add an expressive style to their dancing. Lyrical dance is usually performed to beautiful melodies with lyrics which the dancer will utilize for interpretation. This is a wonderful class if you are interested in enjoying the freedom of movement while expanding your dance technique. This class will allow the student to express emotion through their body and develop a more powerful stage presence.

Tap - In tap the emphasis is on footwork and the expression of rythym through sound. Class begins with a warmup at the barre. Short combinations of steps are practiced across the floor. Finally, longer dance sequences are performed center floor.

Clogging - Clogging is a lively dance with roots in the Irish jig. It is a percussive dance and dancers beat out ryhthms with their feet. While Clogging is related to Tap dancing, cloggers have a different style. Clogging has a distinctive up and down body motion and emphasizes the downbeat of the music, whereas tap dancers emphasize the melody. Cloggers wear two piece taps instead of the traditional single taps worn by tap dancers. Dancers taking this class can wear either type of shoe. It's a great workout that's also lots of fun.

Ballroom - In Ballroom class students will learn the basic techniques of major ballroom styles. In addition to the Latin curriculum of Salsa, Samba, Rumba, Merengue, Tango, and Cha-Cha, students will learn other techniques including Swing, Waltz, and other Ballroom favorites. It is not necessary for students to bring a partner to class, but of course couples are welcome.

Musical Theater - This class combines dancing with acting and singing. Students master this theatrical style by learning excerpts from the Broadway and Movie Musical favorites that have entertained audiences for so many years. By playing characters, using props, and working together, they'll learn how to tell a story through more than just dancing.

Zumba! - Taught by Dr. Nicole Rothman, this aerobic workout is like nothing you've ever done before. By combining full-body moves based in popular Latin Dance styles with an easy-to-follow structure, you'll forget you're working out and lose yourself in the dance party. Shed pounds and build muscle to the hottest dance music around. Ditch the workout — join the party!