Dance Unlimited Studio of Dance Arts offers a wide variety of dance education, comprised of the various styles of dance listed below.


Acrobatics – Acrobatics may be better known as the floor exercise of gymnastics. After complete and thorough barre and center floor warm-up the students practice tumbling across the floor one at a time, supported by a mat and spotted by the instructor.


Ballet – Fundamental to complete dance education is the mastery of classical ballet technique. Dance Unlimited teaches the styles and technique of the Soviet, French, and Italian syllabus. Ballet training includes learning proper placement and weight distribution through barre and center floor work. Ballet is not a required class, however the benefits are numerous including poise, confidence, and self discipline.


Combination Classes: (Boogie Babies, Twinkle Toe Toddlers, Rhythm Rompers, Darling Divas)   –  Combination classes offer technique in the basic styles of tap, ballet, and jazz while continuously developing the dancer’s rhythm and movement.


Boogie Babies ages 2-3 is our Mommy and Me class, an introduction to dance. This class is designed to introduce basic motor skills, dance and tumbling in a fun and caring environment. The one-on-one activities shared by parent (adult) and child help expand the learning process in a positive and rewarding way.


Twinkle Toe Toddlers ages 3-4 is a class the children experience without their parents involvement and includes a combination of pre-ballet, creative movement and tap, in addition to tumbling skills. During this class we will also develop your child’s attention span as well as their ability to listen and follow directions. These qualities help the children in all areas of life. This class will also focus on building coordination, balance, and developing large motor skills which promotes reading readiness.


Rhythm Rompers ages 4-5 will continue to build on the ballet, tap and tumbling skills begun in the twinkle toes class. It is important to begin building the children’s self esteem through learning and accomplishment at this age in their development and we help promote this by maintaining a loving, warm atmosphere in class.


Darling Divas ages 5-6 continues with ballet, tap and tumbling but will also add beginning jazz to their agenda. The students love having the opportunity to move to more popular music in addition to building coordination through more complicated movement. This class will prepare them for the following year where we recommend the ballet/jazz combo class.


Hip-Hop – Hip-Hop is a form of street dancing popularized in the 1980’s and based on the sounds of urban music. Hip-Hop builds strength and flexibility along with coordination and expression of musicality.


Jazz – Jazz is fundamentally popular dancing that has been stylized and polished to a theatrical brilliance. The class begins with a thorough center floor warm-up. Dance combinations are practiced across the floor or center as a short routine. In addition to learning a good sense of rhythm our jazz classes stress correct body placement and conscientious application of technique.


Lyrical – Students with a good foundation of ballet may participate in this class which features a mixture of fluidity and emotion brought out through movement. This class will allow the student to express emotion through their body and develop a more powerful stage presence.


Pointe – Dancing on the tips of the toes evolved in the early 19th century as a means of elevating the female dancer above the floor in order to give her an airborne quality. It requires special footwear. The pointe shoe is used by dancers to display their ability to dance with tremendous amount of balance, control and strength. The study of pointe work is begun only after a student has acquired proper placement and a considerable amount of technical strength on the demi-pointe. We recommend the student has been studying ballet technique at least three years . These students are required to take a minimum of 1.5 hours ballet technique class in addition to the 1 hour pointe class. A student with continued absences will not be able to continue their pointe work.


Tap – In tap the emphasis is on footwork and the expression of rhythm through sound. Class begins with a warm-up at the barre. Short combinations of steps are practiced across the floor. Finally, longer dance sequences are performed center floor.


Contemporary – breaks away from the rigidity of Classical Ballet and teaches you how to express yourself using a freer style, exploring the use of off-centre movements, bending the spine and contractions. Contemporary dance class is very creative and inspires students to express themselves while introducing students to Limon, Horton and Graham technique as well the unique professional styles of our instructors. The class encourages students to find confidence and joy in their own creative and physical potential while challenging them to find greater range of expression through dynamic physicality and specificity. Juicy phrases full of motion, oppositional tension, and weight change follow a simple warm-up that emphasizes clean technique and articulation of the body.


Musical Theatre – Students will learn basic acting, singing, and dancing technique as well as musical theatre performance technique. Students will learn and perform scenes from Broadway musicals. They will receive vocal coaching and also learn jazz and tap dance technique. Students will then perform a scene, or scenes from a Broadway musical in the annual recital.